Exotic Flowers that are Rare and Beautiful

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Rare Unique Flowers

Sherry Baby Orchid

Sherry Baby Orchid  – Every person likes the scent of Sherry Baby Orchid. This exotic flower orchid, which sustains brick-red flowers and smells strikingly like chocolate. The scents can range from mint-chocolate to vanilla-chocolate. It is among the easiest orchids for casual enthusiasts to grow. The Sherry Baby calls for watering only once every week together with a warm window to thrive. They can be found in different Sherry Baby Orchid colours, including pink, red, as well as white.


Bleeding Heart (Dicentra) – This flower is native to Asia and also North America and takes almost two years to mature entirely, reaching 2-3 feet long. The heart-shaped petals are extremely appealing and flower in the springtime.

Birds of Paradise – The unusually beautiful shape as well as fantastic colours of this blossom have made it a preferred symbol of heaven. The plant produces a special flower that appears like a vibrantly tinted bird in travel, providing it with it’s typical name Birds of Paradise.

Calla Lilly

Miniature Calla Lily – These unique exotic flowers have pointed or heart-shaped fallen leaves and grow from 1.5 to  3 feet tall. White speckles on their dark leaves is a main feature. They are native to South Africa and come in a myriad of different colours including pink and purple, white and yellow and orange and red.

Chocolate Cosmos – This dark red to brown type of rare flower originates from Mexico. It has been extinct in the wild for over a hundred years. However through vegetative propagation, scientists developed a duplicate in 1902. The blossoms have a lovely vanilla (chocolate) scent in the summer.

Yellow and Purple Lady Slippers – This is an extremely rare wild orchid found across Europe. It is a very costly  flower with a single cutting commanding $5000, which is not that surprising as the plant is very hard to propagate.

Parrot Flower (Impatiens Psittacina) – Discovered in 1899 in Burma, it is an extremely uncommon and rare flower. The Parrot Flower got its initial recognition at the Royal Gardens at Kew in London in 1901. Believed to exist only in Burma and Northern Thailand, it is extremely difficult to cultivate as its odd shape means that it has to have a neighbouring natural pollinator to procreate.

Titan Arum (Amorphophallus Titanium)  Last however not the least is the exotic flower that is Titan Arum. One of the biggest flowers worldwide reaching up to 10 feet in size it is not this that the flower is known for but rather it’s nauseating odour. A stench nobody will forget once smelt, as it mimics decaying human flesh. The plant was discovered in 1878 by Odardo Beccari. It flowers rarely in nature and even less so in cultivation. Its odour, which appears like the smell of a decaying human remains, behaves in conjunction with the Arum’s bright red color, to draw in insects. If one is intending to go for something quite different, nothing surpasses the Titan Arum.


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